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Hey, I'm Goran...

Hi, I'm Goran Yerkovich, an author, podcaster, and consultant.


My debut Canadian publication is a true short story of literary nonfiction called a 'Furby Call Centre' available in Better Next Year, edited by JJ Lee and published by Tidewater Press. It is available online at, (.com,.uk) and at independent  bookstores nationwide, plus select locations in the USA, as of November 1st 2023.


I also have some exciting news to share - as of Nov 24th 2023, Better Next Year is ranked No 2 on's Hot New Releases for Canadian Collections! So to celebrate this news I wrote an article on the three big lessons I learned getting published

I'm also a graduate of Simon Fraser University's 'The Writers Studio' class of 2023 where I participated in a live reading in front of a sold-out audience at Vancouver's Writers Festival Oct 22, 2023. This event was to celebrate our launch of Emerge '23 - an anthology collection of short stories created and produced by SFU. My short story published within the collection is called 'The Report Card.'

In the fall of 2017 I founded as my way of contributing back to the world. Never before has so much powerful, educational, and life-changing knowledge been available to us online. The over 150 free articles now read in over 130 countries are my best of compilation of stories, interviews, and lessons that I hope connects us, and adds new insights into the complex world we live in. 

I'm also a Podcaster and the host of The Authentic You Podcast by Goran Yerkovich. This 'How-to' and 'Philosophy' themed true-story-coming-of-age-career-advice styled podcast has connected with audiences around the world, ranking 8th in Singapore, 26th in Russia, 30th in Canada, 77th in the United Kingdom,  90th in Italy, 68th in Norway, and 243 in the USA, according to Chartable Digest. Press releases were picked up by the associated press and over 240 new agencies at the time of launch....UPDATE - Season 2 is now available! 

For best-of clips from the podcast, visit my Youtube Channel

If you want to check out some of my art, visit, or learn more about the corporate stuff I do, visit

You can also visit my page with over 2 million reads, or checkout my  published and syndicated article on 

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