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Hey. I'm Goran Yerkovich, I'm a writer, internet entrepreneur, and life coach, and I'm here to help you reach your goals.  I run an online magazine called  This website represents the last 15 years of my life and all the hard lessons I learned along the way, and I'm here to help you understand and reach your goals in life. 


My journey: In 2005 I was broke and sleeping on my friends dinning room floor, with only enough money to last a month. I was out of options, and didn't realize I had the power to change my future.  Now, for me, everything has changed.  Most of the goals I've set to reach in my life have come true.  I'm the happiest I've ever been.  Back then, I didn't realize the power to change our lives and reach our goals already existed inside each of us.  So I'm here today to help you master the tools and tactics you'll need to reach your goals and more.   


In full disclosure and honesty, in the act of this website, I'm growing and learning as I go too.  I've realized in life we can never get things perfect before we start, but we can take action and start working towards our future right now.  So this website also represents my journey, and my goal to make this my full time gig in the future. 


My life of as of April 2020 - Like most of you, I still work a 9-5 to pay the bills.  Some days my shift starts at 5am.  Some days I work until midnight or later.  Some days I'm stuck doing things I don't want to.  But regardless of the demands from the office, know that The-inspired, and continuing to provide you great, high value content, remains one of the highest priorities.  

Goran Yerkovich

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